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Posted by Àngels Trias i Valls on February 10, 2010

The origin of the site was to post information relevant to the discussions on employer engagement and the current changes in Higher Education.

The previous posts were to give out some of the texts that started the generation of discussions, although as it happens the discussion never took place here, but elsewhere.  Whilst I feel, this website may not bring together a dialogical exchange of ideas through contributors, as it was hoped it would be, I am hoping to keep adding, ad-hoc and without a date stamp, any information or papers that come along that may be relevant.

Today, however, I want to reflect on some of today’s twitters that look at the changes in HE, many of which are underpinned by the discussions on employer engagement (for both staff and students) that are currently being discussed online.

There are now quiet but growing discussions about what it means to work and study in HE, in terms of crisis, in terms of employer engagement, in terms of acountability and the current reforms in HE that will see a fundametal change in staff employment, funding and the future of those degrees that are harder to find ‘a market for’. In other words, a critique to the disempowering knoweldge society in HE, a HE that is taking us to new University Reforms and to the new ‘supermarket universities’. I much suspect that further entries of mine will be looking at this issue of ‘supermarket universities’ and to other people’s ideas on this.

I owe this blog, two posts that I left behind, in my ‘list to do’ and it took more than half a year to do (blame it on this being my 24th website/blog I run here and there)…

Here it is the first

This was passed on by Joyce, it is called ‘Jump You Fuckers!’ and it is on a pdf link here: Dan Hind http://www.versobooks.com/FTP/Jump%20You%20Fuckers%202%203.pdf

Also by Joyce,

A summary of the C-SAP event

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