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Employer Engagement C-SAP Conferences Blog

This blog started with an initiative by Joyce Canaan & Àngels Trias i Valls, following Joyce’s C-SAP event on employer engagement after the Crash.

We decided that it would be good to have a public forum where we could post articles, opinions on the theme of employer engagement as a way to move forward after the C-SAP event on employability that took place in Birmingham 20 March. Here is the link from C-SAP on Employer Engagement and Employability after the Crash: Opportunities and challenges for social science learning, teaching and employment

We welcome any comments, ideas, blogs associated with this theme and we hope that this forum will help us build up a series of strategic guides on dealing with ’employer engagement’ in Higher Education.

All Welcome!

Àngels and Joyce

One Response to “Employer Engagement C-SAP Conferences Blog”

  1. C-SAP is the Higher Education Subject Network for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics http://www.c-sap.bham.ac.uk/

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